x101 | Excel Fundamentals

Joel Goodson’s Freshman-Year Budget

Risky BusinessIn this course you will be introduced to the basic elements of Excel by building, from scratch, a personal budget worksheet in six lessons.  If you are brand new to Excel, this is a good place to start.

Each lesson picks up from the solution to the previous lesson.  In turn, each lesson is supported by topics, which are most often short videos on a single element connected with the lesson.  Topics provide you with all the guidance you will need to complete the solution workbook (for that particular lesson).

The framework for what we’ll be building is outlined in the brief case setting, “Joel Goodson: Freshman Year Budget Exercise“, which you might find useful to read and/or print out before getting started.*  You are of course welcome simply to practice by using the data presented for Joel.  However, if you want to set something up for yourself, then you might learn even more by creating a replica with your own categories and values for your own anticipated budget.

*  If you are having trouble seeing the case setting when you click on the link, please make sure that pop-ups from skillsX.com are not being blocked.)

apple-logo 75x53The training videos on this course were generally recorded using Excel 2010 on Windows 7 (PC) operating system.  However, if you have an Apple Mac, you should be able to follow along fairly well, looking out for Apple-related notations within the course material.  You might want to start by deciding what strategy you are going to take by review the advice on “What if I have an Apple Mac?

 What You will Learn on this Course

One of the best ways to understand what you will learn on this course is to review the final assessments.  To complete this course, you will be asked to:

  • Take a 20-question test that will confirm your understanding of Excel fundamentals.  (If you are curious as to whether you already know the material, you are welcome to take the 10-question x101 practice quiz.
  • Submit a completed workbook and answer some basic business questions for the proposed LemCo Business Case worksheet.

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  1. West McDermott

    Just trying to help out with a name. I wonder if saying what the objective is in the title is better. Not sure particularly good, but something like “Setting Up a Monthly Budget Worksheet”.

    1. Swamp Fox

      West, thanks for that. Trying out a new idea along these lines. Let us know what you think of the latest effort at identifying the topic (as distinct from purpose).

      1. West McDermott

        Yeah, that seems about right. x101 itself gives a sense that it’s and intro course / good place to start. Is that Tom Cruise in the picture? What’s he got to do with anything?

        1. Swamp Fox

          You can search Risky Business clips on Youtube I expect — a classic. A nod to my undergraduate alma mater and entrepreneurialism in general.

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