x111 | Data Analysis

The ‘Worst Weather’ Debate

TPA John Candy Freezing 300x166The increasingly predominant use of Excel is to organize and analyze data sets, particularly as Microsoft has increased Excel’s capacity and de-emphasized development of MS Access.  This course provide a useful start to using Excel for data analysis.
You have challenged yourself to find and analyze weather data adequate to argue that either Boston or Houston has the comparatively worse weather.  In this course, you will load a data list of more than 17,000 records (a year’s hourly weather data for two weather stations).  You will use Excel functionality to calculate different metrics filtered for different points in time, e.g. temperature, sky condition, precipitation, wind chill, heat index, and select the information you think makes the case for each city being the ‘winner’ in this debate.

Start by reading the case setting note to give you the context and proceed to Lesson 1.

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