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Tell us what’s missing.  We’re just getting started, and we’ve only just begun organizing this discussion forum area.  What do you need to know about Excel that you didn’t find in the video library?  Just leave a comment.  We prioritize content development based on subscriber feedback and post new videos and solutions each week.

  1. Ask a question — it can be about anything, e.g. Should I lease or buy a new car?
  2. Suggest a new topic, whether it’s Excel specific or on some related area of data analysis, finance, or visualization
  3. Give us site feedback, either new features that would be useful or ideas for re-organizing content

. . . or if none of these categories seems to quite fit what you want to say, just leave a comment below on this page, and we’ll sort it out.

The skillsX Team

2 comments on “Speak Up!

  1. Malcolm S.

    Data tables. They’re used a lot as many scenarios are being reviewed through one model.

    What’s the best way to use them?
    Can we be smarter in our use of them?
    Can they drive analysis rather than just return an output number?

  2. Spetsnaz6491

    Can you put a video talking about how to do standard statistical visualizations? like whisker diagrams?

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