The FAST Modeling Standard

Welcome to the online community and discussion site for the FAST Modeling Standard, a detailed set of rules on the structure and detailed design of spreadsheet-based models.  This list of rules provides both a clear route to good model design for the individual modeler, and a common style platform on which modelers and reviewers can rely when passing models amongst themselves.

The FAST Standard advocates a philosophy of good financial model design rules founded on the acronym FAST: flexible, appropriate, structured, and transparent. It advocates a clear, crisp modelling style.

The FAST Modelling Standard speaks predominantly about outcomes, i.e what the final model should look like.  It dwells little on the tradecraft of executing spreadsheet models, with specifics related to Microsoft Excel-based execution.  See the x102 Give Your Mouse a Rest course for an introduction to execution mechanics and further x200-level courses for recommended design and implementation techniques that the FAST Modeling Standard advocates.

You are welcome to use the “FAST Rules Listing“, which is organized by operative sections, to review and navigate to specific rules.  Alternatively, simply use the search facility to find rules that are relevant to a particular topic.

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